#EActívate is an Spanish digital platform of entrepreneurs, self-employed and workers born to join forces to face the crisis of COVID 19. More than 3,000 companies have joined this initiative that highlights the role of companies of all sizes and sectors to address these times of uncertainty. The agility and adaptability to new circumstances are […]


Salinas begins transition to SAP to complete its digital transformation

Salinas will complete its digital transformation in 2021. A digital transformation that began four years ago with our 4.0 industrialization plans and our change of production management model based on Lean Management, a process in which we are still immersed in the last phase. It was completely necessary for us to adopt a technological solution […]

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In 2020, Salinas is celebrating its 25th anniversary, and we couldn’t resist a look back at the past years to take stock of all the changes the company has had to face. This exercise is like looking at a painting from a certain distance: half a metre away you see everything in detail, then, when […]

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EXPERTS RESPOND: Andreas Palm, CDLP Founder

CDLP is a Stockholm based prime underwear young label going against the norm of men’s underwear mass production. Taking a sartorial approach in designing a new generation of high quality underwear made from superior fabrics, CDLP creates a unique customer experience through a strong visual narrative focuses on intellectual masculinity and enhanced by ingenious packaging.
That´s why we ask them to answer some questions for our blog.

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Durante el año 2016 las ferias profesionales del sector han reclutado en sus filas un mayor número de expositores y visitantes. Danièlle Rousseau, Directora de Proyecto de numerosas ferias internacionales nos habla de la última edición de Luxe Pack Mónaco de la que Cartonajes Salinas forma parte.

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Sonia Graffin is the Marketing Manager and member of the Steering Committee in Perfumes y Diseño, as well as the Marketing Manager in Delpozo Fashion.

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Much more than Packaging

In Cartonajes Salinas we want to create something more than a blog about packaging. We want to be an open window that nourish us with all our experience and daily contact with the fashion world, beauty or gourmet products.