#EActívate is an Spanish digital platform of entrepreneurs, self-employed and workers born to join forces to face the crisis of COVID 19.

More than 3,000 companies have joined this initiative that highlights the role of companies of all sizes and sectors to address these times of uncertainty.

The agility and adaptability to new circumstances are demonstrated by facts and initiatives on this platform.Cartonajes Salinas coincides with the values of this initiative.
Mission and vision will be key to rebuilding our business fabric and to prevent this situation become an unresolved Gordian knot.
And, in order to carry out both, a great dose of attitude is needed, we businessmen are not oracles or infallible, but we must be decisive and set the course.We are in a “war economy”, and as Sun Tzu says in The Art of War, you need to have a strategy before you go out and fight.

We wish all companies find the way to open up new strategic lines or alliances that make us strong, that we do not stop valuing and betting on intangibles such as the company’s image, human capital, innovation, technological knowledge or customer experience.

We hope to see an open attitude to change and learning as well as not being afraid to be tolerant of trial and error along the way.

Companies are going to be the essential in the economic recovery. Let us not forget that the economy is about health, quality of life, education and future.

We have a duty to work hard to turn this situation around.



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