The combined power of branding and packaging is huge. Packaging is a symbol and icon of a brand; it conveys its message and reflects its status and personality.

Therefore, good packaging must always be well-defined, evoking clear, sharp, and memorable images.

Salinas has a professional team of designers, both structural and graphic, to provide customer service or accompany other designers in the development of their projects.

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Packaging design should bear in mind three basic aspects, namely:

  • The type of distribution the packaging is being used for.
  • The added value attributed to the product through its presentation box.
  • The way the brand communicates through the box.

Therefore, in terms of our objectives, strategy, marketing, and creativity must all come together to create the perfect box.

Based on our 20 years’ experience in developing luxury packaging with clients from different sectors, we believe that the brief is the best tool to help a project run smoothly.

For this reason, we have created a ‘brief’ document that focusses exclusively on packaging design and all its most important aspects to ensure that a presentation box fulfils its functions. A clear, straightforward document that allows us to sort, express, and communicate all the attributes that our “perfect packaging” should have.

Its purpose is to lead us to a summary of key concepts, enabling us to find the best solution in less time.


The Perfect Packaging Experiment is a Salinas initiative that aims to encourage creativity, brainstorm a product and its packaging, and promote and showcase the latest trends in lined rigid presentation boxes.

Every Christmas, Salinas gives its clients a small gift which, of course, comes in a box designed and produced using the latest printing and production techniques.

Sometimes this initiative is launched as a competition to encourage and find new design talent, while on other occasions, it is left in the hands of our professionals.

This is a very interesting exercise in innovation, as we do not set the logical limits of any other projects, such as quantity, distribution, placement, budget, etc. Sometimes, that freedom leads us to research, try, and open up new possibilities and concepts for our clients.

You can see all our “Perfect Packaging Experiments” at Behance:

It would be impossible to imagine any creation in the field of art and refinement – a perfume, a big bottle… – naked of the prestance of its wrapping, of the ornamental delicacy of its case.

Today Cartonajes Salinas celebrates its 25th anniversary and Joyce pays a well-deserved tribute to that know-how so similar to ours; so much so that in the team we call them the haute couture of packaging.

And this is not just a compliment, but a just recognition of merit.

Their commitment to excellence has made this family an international reference, and in their hands, with total confidence, the most demanding luxury firms place their creations with the absolute certainty that in Cartonajes Salinas they will find the creative effervescence of design, the graphic prowess, the distinguished personality that their products deserve to become legends.

In these pages we interviewed Antonio Martínez, the young family generation that today leads a sensational team of creatives. Because nobody better than him to transmit to you, reader, the passion and devotion to make a challenge a success.

María Eugenia Alberti

Joyce review March 2020