• At Cartonajes Salinas, these three , RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT AND PRODUCTION are closely linked with our everyday work.
  • Once a company decides to truly and consciously put the client at the centre of the organisation, it means that the range of possibilities that it should be able to offer has to expand in many directions. Our research not only focusses on the structural design of the box (although this is a very important aspect), it also covers service, meeting all our clients’ needs in terms of sharing effective communication, product safety, sustainability, additional services, etc.
  • From project conception, to all the printing and semi-finishing processes a box needs before being lined, to the batching, conditioning and logistics services, they are all done at our facilities.
  • Over the last few years, our main progresses have been made in:


  • Right angles are the current trend and given the qualitative effect provided by the box, this is not just a fad. For this reason, Salinas has teamed up with the German company Kolbus, a specialist in manufacturing casemaking machines for very high-quality packaging.
  • Our milling machine delivers automatic 90º die-cutting, eliminating the margins of error of manual machines. This system can be combined with the HOT-MELT system, which avoids using thermo-adhesive paper to mount the structure of the box. In this way, two completely smooth and unmarked faces are obtained.


  • Through lengthy collaborative work, we have acquired and perfected one of the first machine on the market for automatically case-making round boxes. After five years working with specialist technicians, we have achieved the necessary production quality for this machine to represent an advantage and real value for our customers.


  • Again, with Kolbus technology, we have been able to improve the quality of our service and our product.
  • Automation means speed and precision.
  • The milling system, unlike the die-cut system, means that magnets do not mark the exterior of the box.


  • The search for new production processes and experimentation has also given us good results, such as double lining. This technique has a double function: on one hand, it offers higher quality than polyester boxes, and on the other, from an aesthetic point of view, it can be used to combine different papers.
  • Another format developed in Salinas and highly appreciated is the "false octagon", fully automatic and that we have used in projects in very different sectors such as cosmetics or the world of Champagne. To expand this information visit our packaging design section.


  • We can offer 5 lot numbering systems for traceability and anti-fraud protection:
  • Consecutive numbering:
  • Bar code
  • Ultraviolet invisible ink
  • Control code (letter or number)
  • Anti-copy images


  • Salinas is fully focussed on CSR (for further information, read our Corporate Social Responsibility section. We consider sustainability in three ways:
  • The product: we offer the latest sustainable solutions, both for the inside and outside of our boxes. We have created cardboard interiors with safety clips for products.
  • Production: we manage KPIs, both in the efficacy and efficiency of material and energy resources, as well as comprehensive waste management.
  • The supply chain: vigorous control of all external factors involved in creating boxes.


  • All of our products are personalized and tailor-made, therefore, our production lines are designed for each project and can include the conditioning of products "in line", which means saving distribution times, transport routes and emissions.


  • In our work, the mock-up process is essential for successful project development. Mock-ups not only allow the client to hold a life-size prototype in their hands and be able to revise the design, devise the most optimal product distribution, or build their communication campaign. A mock-up is also a risk report for any potential production problems. It also serves as a tool for making improvements that optimise production times and costs.


  • Total customization of logistics services, from unit packaging, packaging, palletizing and labeling. We have 9000 m2 of logistics warehouse for the final product.