The middle of March of this unforgettable 2020 year caught us all off guard and, in a special way, to Salinas.

The Fabregas Packaging acquisition became official just a couple weeks before the pandemic and total confinement hit us. We had acquired a company that we couldn’t visit; one which hadn’t had the opportunity to pass through a period of adaptation and integration into our system.

Fortunately, it didn’t take long to realize that, in addition to a large, modern, sustainable, agile and expert production unit, we had also added a very valuable team, with whom collaboration and teamwork began to emerge from the beginning and in spite of the circumstances.

So, each of us got to work from home, and created a work plan that allowed us to start the project and prepare for what we called “day 1,” which has become the new indefinite normal for now.

This work plan consisted of “dusting off” all those analysis techniques that we have all used at some point in time, such as the SWOT to have a broad and overall view of what our internal and external situation was at that time, the CANVAS business model chart with several possible scenarios, and a departmental crisis management roadmap that would help us have clear goals and overcome the uncertainty we were experiencing.

From all that work, it became clear that we had to slow down in some areas but speed up in others. Some projects could be postponed, but it was very necessary to bet strongly on others and take risky decisions.

And that is how Salinas International came to be — exponentially increasing our international sales team to be closer to our customers and to be able to cover the sufficient market that our current large production capacity required.

Another high performance team was born with physical presence in Paris, London, Brussels or New York to serve a new target of customers and luxury brands.

In the midst of a global crisis and as a result of great teamwork, we managed to set up one of the largest box manufacturing groups in Europe, with a capacity of more than 25 million units per year, a large depot of state-of-the-art co machinery, 90% integration of production processes and an important international sales force.

We also consider it vital to continue promoting sustainability and work to turn it into a business culture. We can proudly say that none of the environmental projects that were on our roadmaps before March 15 will be left out.

Our development team has continued its training in eco-design. By the end of the year we will have our own product lifecycle calculator. We are working towards becoming a zero-waste company by the first quarter of 2021 as well as continuing with our investment plans in renewable energy.

9 months later the project has a clear design and we have decided to group ourselves under the SALINAS PACKAGING GROUP name, with a very clear VISION and MISSION:

To become European leaders in the development and innovation of sustainable packaging for the luxury market as well as be strategic partners for our customers through comprehensive solutions, value and knowledge sharing.

And the most important PURPOSE:

To manufacture high quality products in a sustainable way, in a highly demanding, safe, inclusive and supportive working environment that allows us to leave a POSITIVE SOCIAL FOOTPRINT for future generations.
















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