Sonia Graffin is the Marketing Manager and member of the Steering Committee in Perfumes y Diseño, as well as the Marketing Manager in Delpozo Fashion.

We have had the pleasure of working together in many occasions.

In this short interview she gives us 10 very interesting keys on the current state of the world of packaging.

1- On a scale from 1 to 10. The importance of packaging in a new product launch.

It is the first impact for the consumer in a space overloaded with packaging from all brands.

2- Nowadays the main function of luxury packaging is:

Packaging is part of the own identity of the luxury product, one wants to represent the whole concept that wants to transmit the essence which is contained inside it.

3- A luxury case cannot…

Go unnoticed.

4- Has everything already been invented in packaging?

I hope not.

5- Trend. Less is more or more is more?

Less is more, it is always more difficult but more interesting.





In the case of the latest collection of cases of Tous Perfumes for Christmas, a case which surprises because of its holographic effect has been developed, its combination of opponents (matte and gloss) and the play of lights and textures confers it an entirely new, qualitative and luxurious aspect.


6- Packaging and digital world. Love or hate?

They have to live together, but the sensations that a packaging transmits involve senses, touch…

7- The latest case which drew your attention was…

The minimal expression but with details that made it unique.

8- On a scale from 1 to 10. Importance of packaging in the purchasing decision:

Gift effect… an 8.

9- A case you remember and why you remember it

The champagne box Louir Rogederer by Philippe Stark, breaking moulds.

10- The thing you most like when developing a packaging is…

The effort to interpret all the messages the product has in a minimum surface.

Sonia Thank you very much for your time and words!

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