Digital world has changed the way we approach our clients and satisfy their demands .

Somebody has renamed the e-comerce era as the “new shopping revolution” where looking for the shopping experience, even if it is virtual, is still the most important thing.

In this sense, packaging remains the best ally for brands, far from getting old or obsolete, it has been known to reinvent itself, and adapting to the new times. It still keeps all that ahead of time and excitement creation power intact.

We would like to share with you in this post the 3 main keys to keep in mind this year when designing your packaging.

It´s not about trends, this keys points have appeared to be installed in our briefs for a long time.



Social media likes packaging, because it becomes the strongest ally for communicate a great message in just one snapshot.

Instagram is the social network chosen by the majority of luxury brands to work on the engagement with their followers.

From now on, a picture is not worth a thousands words,  a  picture worths more than 1000 likes.

We really must have this in mind while we frame our cases and gift boxes to find the essential and show it after.

For example, now we have to take into account if our box is “photogenic”, that is that is important to think in how to transmit values that we in how to show valuest that before we communicate though physical qualities, such as touch.


The world wide web makes the line between the company and the consumer becomes thinner each time. To exibit and share the lifestyle of everything, even brands, it´s a trend.

It is significant that designs handle concepts like bio, eco, natural… Even if we talk about luxury It´s a essential question.

Everything will be a matter of details, the largest luxury brands must reach to show and emphasize the quality and exceptionality of their tenders to maintain the loyalty of their followers. Boxes and cases have much to say in this.



According to Deloitte’s consultancy’s projection, in 2025 generation known as “Millenials” will represent the 75% of the workforce of the world.

A generation much more critical, demanding and volatile than the actual ones. A generation where the 86% shares via social networks their philias and phobias about brands and products. A generation for which the shopping experience is almost as relevant as the product itself, for which on and off are two sides of the same coin.

Packaging is the big e-comerce’s supporter to reinforce that buying-experience through the digital media, as we see it in those clients who start using or developing new strategies on this channel.

To include doses of seduction and expectation on what we are going to receive, on the way we open the packs, replaces and compensates the desire of immediacy and the physical relation in a real shop.

In Salinas we are convinced that packaging is a cultural, emocional and functional experience, we work on this main axes to propose new ideas and developments to meet our customer´s needs; because we, the B2B, really need to be more B2B2C each time, and know the final environment in which our boxes are going to live, in order to be able to give the best solution for each case.

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