Much more than Packaging

We do not want to limit ourselves to talk about packaging, cardboard boxes, printing techniques…


Finally, we have decided to fully enter the digital community, we have reflected on and talked about a lot about the how, where, when and why to do it.

And we have waited to be clear on this in order to offer high-quality content, which was valuable for our customers and the business environment in which we operate.

Now we are ready, we have the means, we have the knowledge and we have the goals defined, and here is the first post of Cartonajes Salinas.

Thinking in Packaging

The philosophy behind our digital system: web, blog, social networks…is strongly affected by the years of relationship we have with our customers.

The fact of relating with such diverse sectors as the beauty world, drinks and gourmet products, fashion… gives our ideas an eclectic style which we impress when providing solutions and proposals in our day-to-day work.

We want to transfer this same eclecticism to the network; we want that diversity enriches us and makes us a bit wiser.

That is why our objectives are not simply to concentrate on our world, our reality, our product, our modus operandi.

We do not want to limit ourselves to talk about packaging, cardboard boxes, printing techniques…

Our objective is to open a window from which you launch ideas, thoughts, achievements; but also from which you let fresh new air pass through, complementary or antagonistic, so that this experience will be enriching in both directions.

Reflecting on any discipline: product, economy, logistics… and doing it in a creative and constructive tone, providing us with new ideas and enthusiasm to continue investigating.

Learning from others and sharing with others; taking advantage of the social media as an educational experience, and being a source of experience and inspiration for others.

We hope you like it, we hope it is useful for you and you join us.

Welcome to Cartonajes Salinas blog.

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