The measures adopted will be maintained until 16 April, however, this is a dynamic plan that will be adapted to the circumstances.

These measures will allow us to collaborate to avoid the speed of contagion, protect the safety of our workers and ensure the productive activity. Among the main measures are:

  • Special work shifts with one hour between shifts to isolate the work groups and facilitate cleaning and disinfection of the workstations.
  • Isolate our work spaces: offices, semi-finished products, production and logistics, thus avoiding the transit of people between buildings.
  • Exhaustive control of the loading and unloading of goods and parcels.
  • Facilitate teleworking in those positions that allow it.
  • Great work on communication and internal awareness, key to making this plan work.

We would like to send a message of tranquility and ask for maximum proactivity and adaptation to the changes that the authorities and the same situation will demand of us in the coming weeks.

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