General Conditions of Sale of Cartonajes Salinas, S.L.

1.-The sale of goods of Cartonajes Salinas, S.L. is governed by the agreements described in the commercial documents signed by the
parties – essentially, budget and order – in the line with the present general conditions.
The present conditions may be made subject to updating or revision, so periodical verification is recommended. In any case, only
conditions that were published in the moment of the conclusion of the contract will be applicable.

2.-The purchaser is the solely responsible for the choice of product, the use it will be given and the intended purpose. The seller does
not guarantee, and he is not responsible, about the fact that the product is the appropriate one to reach the objectives of the purchaser
when buying.

3.-The purchaser assumes all the risks of the goods acquired from the moment in which the goods are at his disposal in the purchaser’s
installations when they travel for the account of the purchaser, or from the delivery in the agreed place by the purchaser, when they
travel for of the account of the seller.

4.-In the absence of an agreement, the delivery of the goods will be using delivery rates.

5.-The budgets have a validity of 30 days from their emission, and they will be readjusted once the definite features of the product have
been communicated. The prices do not include the taxes which apply in accordance with the applicable law.

6.-The toolings given by the purchaser will be kept by Cartonajes Salinas, S.L. for two years, in order that they can be used in eventual

7.-The nature of the products made by Cartonajes Salinas, S.L., can cause an excess or shortage in the production. In these cases, the
customer’s bill will adapt to the excess or shortage of the production, between minus three per cent (3%) and five per cent (5%) in
function of the units produced.

8.-The delivery times of the product will be communicated to the purchaser by Cartonajes Salinas, S.L., although they may vary
according to the data that the purchaser has to communicate to Cartonajes Salinas, S.L. in order that the production can start.

9.-The assumptions of force majeure will justify eventual delays in the manufacturing and/or delivery of the goods, in which case
Cartonajes Salinas, S.L. would be completely exempted. Assumptions of Force majeure are strikes, lack of transport, manufacturing or
transport accidents, fires, and in general every cause which is independent of the will of the seller.

10.-Eventual complaints to Cartonajes Salinas, S.L. will be formulated, in a credible demonstration, within four days in the case of
conspicuous defect, in both cases counting from the receipt of the goods.

11.-The payment method will be specified in the budget. Falling this, it will be understood that it will be paid in cash, so the payment
could be required in the moment of the delivery of the goods. In the case of delivery of goods that are repeated in time, the nonpayment
of a delivery will empower the seller to not deliver the followings, and to anticipate the expiry date of any delayed quantity,
without prejudice to complain about the prejudices that may undergo.

12.-The declaration of insolvency of the purchaser, or the modification of any legal status that could affect his solvency, will empower
the seller to paralyze the supply of goods and to anticipate the expiration of the unpaid deadlines.

13.-For the solution of the conflicts that may arise as a consequence of the buying and selling, or the interpreting and/or the application
of the contracts, the parties are subject to the jurisdiction and competence to the Courts in Elda, as well as their hierarchical superiors.

14.- Pursuant to the article 18 of the Royal Decree 782/1998 of the 30th of April, approving the Regulation for the development
and implementation of the Law 11/1997 of the 24th of April on packaging and packaging waste, it is expressly stated that, in all sales
and transmission transactions, the final user will be responsible for the disposal of packaging waste or used packaging, for a proper
environmental management.

15.-The personal data that the purchaser provides to the seller over the course of the commercial relationship or that may be obtained
as a consequence of this relationship, will be incorporated to the computerized files of Cartonajes Salinas, S.L., which is responsible for
its treatment, with the purpose of its use by Cartonajes Salinas, S.L. for the management of the commercial relationship and/or incidents
that may derive from it. The purchaser will be able to exercise freely the access rights, rectification, cancellation of data and opposition,
under the terms provided in the Organic Law 15/1999, 13th December, of personal data protection, and complementary legislation.