Year of creation of the company Cartonajes Salinas.
We build the industrial unit 1 of 5.400 m2
This year, 90% of our production is focused on the footwear industry.
Billing 1996: 2.791.000 €

1999 – 2000

During these years we build the industrial unit 2 (2.300 m2) in order to expand our production capacity.
We purchase a printing machine Heidelberg of two colours.


This year Salinas purchases its EMMECI 1: a high-quality lining machine which enables us to access the market of Premium cases.

It is also worth emphasizing the purchase of a production line Cavifes of corrugated cardboard shipping, with the goal of expanding our product lines as well as giving customers of rigid cases a better service.

2003 – 2006

We build the industrial unit 3 (2.700m2) which is used for storing raw material.
Purchase of EMMECI 2
Billing 2003: 6.283.000 €


Integration of 90% of processes at our Facilities: stamping machine, stencil machine, litho-laminator machine…

2009 – 2010

This has been the year of major investment:

Printing machine KBA 6 colours UVI/CONVENTIONAL
Pre-press equipment and cutting plotter for the creation of models.
CIRCULAR EMMECI: purchase of the first machine at global level to line round boxes on automatic


Our production percentage for footwear means a 57%, the rest of the percentage is spread in other sectors such as perfumery, cosmetics, gourmet, wine, leather goods.
Purchase of EMMECI 3.
Billing 2008: 8.306.000 €

2013 – 2014

Our diversification in different markets is much bigger
We purchase EMMECI 6-7, which considerably expands our format and size lines.
Purchase of a new productive area, industrial unit 4 (6.600m2) which enables us to reorganize our work flow in five big rooms in a more operational and effective manner:

raw material storage unit;
transformation of paper and cardboard where we have our printing, stamping, stencil and litho-laminator machines as well as our guillotines and auxiliary machines which have to power the machinery of this plant together with the machinery of our last purchase in Catalonia;
-a third room where we produce our cases both manually and automatically with our twelve lining machines and our four handling lines.
– a fourth room where we handle corrugated cardboard.
– The fifth room, the finished product storage unit, can harbour around 300 cargo lorries of merchandise.

In total we have a covered area of 210002 metres with the adequate resources to obtain the most demanding certificates in health and food matters.
Billing of the group in 2013: 11.500.000€